Tips for Managing Debtors When You're Self-Employed - 22nd November 2016

You've poured passion, time, and money into fulfilling a contract, have agreed on payment terms and invoiced your customer - and then nothing. Days turn into weeks, and you still haven't received payment.

Wondering how to tip the balance of power in your favor? Try these strategies to get paid quickly and avoid non-payment.


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6 Essential Accounting Terms for Small Businesses - 18th November 2016

Want to increase your accounting knowledge so you can have more informed, insightful discussions with your accountant this quarter?

Start right now, with this list of 6 essential accounting terms for small business owners

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Sometimes There is No Tax on Certain Types of Income - 7th November 2016

It is possible to receive amounts that you do not need to tell the taxman about, and don't have to include as income on your tax return. The ATO classifies these into two different categories (or three, if you count "other" as a category).

If you are not sure whether a payment you receive is exempt income, non-assessable non-exempt income or is another type of amount that is not taxable, you can always check with this office.

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