Capital Works Deductions for Rental Property - 14th February 2018

Rental property investors can claim capital works deductions for construction costs for a rental property, however there are limits imposed in relation to the dates such works were completed. 

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Rental Property Owners Lose Some Deductions - 7th February 2018

Legislation that came into law in the last half of 2017 makes certain measures first announced with the 2017 Federal Budget now a reality.

The "housing tax integrity" bill solidifies the government's intention to deny all travel deductions relating to inspecting, maintaining, or collecting rent for a residential investment property. As well, second-hand plant and equipment that came with an investment property are now off the table as far as depreciation goes.

The measures will apply from July 1, 2017, so will affect returns for the current financial year. However the changes to depreciation are dependent on when assets were purchased (more below).

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Having Fun AND Making Money. But is it a Business or a Hobby? - 7th February 2018

It may seem fairly obvious whether a person is in business or not, but the distinction can be important for other reasons. You may be having fun AND making money, but is it a business or a hobby?

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