Advantages of Digital Signing for your Small Business - 24th July 2017

Electronic signature software offers small business a number of time and cost-saving benefits. If you've considered going paperless but haven't yet made the plunge, here are 6 excellent reasons to start using digital signatures today.

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FREE ATO workshops for Small Business - 17th July 2017

Did you know the ATO offers FREE workshops for small business?

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Accelerated Depreciation for Small Business - 4th July 2017

In the 2015-16 federal budget, the government increased the small business immediate deductibility threshold from $1,000 to $20,000, which was originally due to end at June 30, 2017. But a law amendment bill has recently been passed by Parliament that extends that measure by 12 months until June 30, 2018, after which the deductibility threshold will revert to $1,000.

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Be Prepared: What You Need to Bring to Your Tax Return Appointment - 4th July 2017

If you're coming in soon to discuss your tax return for yourself or your business, be prepared.

Here is a brief general checklist of things to prepare for your tax return appointment. Not all of the following will be relevant for everyone, but will depend on your own circumstances. The checklist will help you tick off what you do or don't have in preparation for your next visit.

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