How to Network Successfully with Local Business Owners - 21st August 2017

In the age of social media, small business owners may think networking isn't as valuable as it used to be. On the contrary, it's just as important for people to get to know your face out and about in the community as it ever was. 

And fellow business owners are much more likely to refer you once you've met in person, even if you're known for running a successful business online.

Here's how to start networking more effectively with business owners in your neighbourhood.

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Save Time in Your Small Business with Appointment Booking Apps - 16th August 2017

Ready to improve productivity while saving yourself the headache of booking your calendar the old fashioned away?

A scheduling app is a sure fire way to vastly improve day-to-day operations, streamlining your work day, saving time and reducing costs.

Put an end to time-wasting telephone tag and those endless back and forth emails with any of these 4 popular scheduling apps.

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How to Set Your Small Business Payment Terms - 15th August 2017

Healthy cash flow is important for any business, but particularly for small business owners in those first few "make it or break it" years. 

Business owners who set clear payment terms with their customers, invoice quickly, and follow up on late payment can avoid the dreaded cash flow crunch that can quickly put them out of business.

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Travel Allowances and Proper Use of the Exception to Substantiate Claims - 1st August 2017

A travel allowance is a payment made to employees to cover accommodation, food, drink or incidental expenses they incur when they travel away from their home overnight in the course of their duties.

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Child Death Benefit Recipients and the Transfer Cap - 1st August 2017

The death of a parent is hard on all those involved, however once the grieving  has eased, a time comes to address financial matters.  One of these issues can be what happens to any superannuation they have left.  

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