The Benefits to Business When They Embrace the "F" Word - 12th April 2016

Research conducted by Galaxy for business solutions provider Citrix reports the Australian economy is missing out on productivity gains worth billions of dollars each year.

In an article published in October 2015 by Echo Netdaily, survey results of 1,024 office workers across the country found that 56 per cent of people are not able to work from home while 72 per cent want the opportunity.

This would indicate that when it comes to flexible working arrangements most Australian small businesses appear to be all talk and no action.

At AV Chartered Accountants we proudly support and promote flexibility in the workplace. We understand that with the right approach flexible working arrangements can help our employees achieve a work-life balance and benefit the business at the same time.

Providing employees with flexible working arrangements can help to create a positive workplace and also create an environment of mutual trust and respect. This in turn helps to boost morale, reduce absenteeism and reduce business costs.

AV Chartered Accountants provides all staff whether they are full time, part time or casual with access to flexible work arrangements. We provide staff with maximum opportunity to apply flexibility to the days and hours that best suit them. It gives staff the chance to attend important school events, be available for family commitments or just to hang around the house waiting for those interesting types who say "we'll be there between 8am to 5pm to fix your fridge"...

We also encourage flexible hours to support our employees with school drops offs and pick ups as we understand how difficult and costly it can sometimes be to arrange before and/or after school care.

Our staff are encouraged to establish a comfortable office environment in their homes and are given access to all workplace platforms to allow them the option of working from home when required.

In our experience, we have found that providing a flexible workplace for our staff has improved the work-life balance that appears to be so greatly desired by many Australians in the workforce today.

We actively encourage our clients and other employers to consider the benefits of introducing flexible workplace arrangements into their place of business. Your staff will love you for it.

To find out more about introducing flexible work arrangements into your business, there is an abundance of information available to assist you at:

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