Newcastle Retailer Scoops Sales at Supercars - A Story of Adaptability and Innovation in Business - 29th November 2017

The Coates Hire Newcastle 500 has been labelled a runaway success after over 192,000 fans flocked to the seaside circuit over the weekend.

Official figures have revealed crowds of 56,478, 69,526 and 66,238 across the respective days, as well as some 9,000 corporate guest attending the event, exceeding the New South Wales Government's expectations.

This event brought with it the opportunity for local Newcastle businesses to also benefit.

With such large crowds passing through the Newcastle foreshore area, you could not help but think that your business would experience the flow on effect.

One story that caught our attention was the local business owner who was perplexed to discover on the Friday that although crowd numbers were high, race goers walked past her local bakery instead of entering the front doors.

How was this local business owner going to attract these potential customers into her bakery?

Rather than try and attract the passing crowd into her business, she brought her business out to the crowd and became a spruiker for the Saturday and Sunday mornings. She moved her food and drinks to a newly created outdoor display at the front of the store and the items basically sold themselves!

By making this one simple change, the turnover for this business for that one day was more than for the entire week leading up to the Supercars event.

This business owner could have sat quietly in her bakery for three days and whinged about the downturn in business. Instead she thought outside the square and perhaps even took a leaf out of the motivational business fable by Spencer Johnson "Who moved My Cheese?". This local business owner reacted positively when circumstances 'moved her cheese' and she was able to share a great success story.

We love this story as it is a great example of adaptability and innovation, engaging a simple strategy to support your business. It's also classic Charles Darwin theory about the survival of the smartest.

So ask yourself, what opportunities lie within your business when circumstances 'move your cheese'? How adaptable, flexible and responsive are you to change in your industry?

With almost every industry being disrupted, it's something you should be thinking about. 

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