Deductions for accommodation and food refused - 16th September 2013

An individual employed by a mining company at Port Hedland on a “fly-in fly-out” basis has been unsuccessful before the Federal Court in appealing an earlier decision that refused his deduction claim of $36,000 for accommodation and food against an allowance.

In the earlier decision, it was held that the allowance was properly characterised as a living-away-from-home allowance (LAFHA) under the fringe benefits tax (FBT) rules. As a result, it was subject to FBT in the hands of the taxpayer’s employer, and travel expenses could not therefore be claimed in relation to it. In affirming the earlier decision, the Court said the expenses in relation to accommodation, food and travel were not incurred by the taxpayer in the course of gaining or producing his assessable income. Rather, the expenditure arose from the taxpayer’s decision not live in Port Hedland and to instead travel to Port Hedland on a fly-in fly-out basis.

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