Tips for Getting Rid of Slow Moving Stock - 13th December 2017

Stale inventory is a costly nuisance for any business owner. Ideally the rule of thumb is to sell the goods taking up space on your sale floor within 90 days; after the three month mark stale inventory becomes dead inventory. Products are much harder to move and nearly impossible to get top dollar for.

Fortunately there are a number of ways to recoup at least part of your investment on old, slow-moving stock. Get rid of your old inventory with these six tried and true ideas.

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Ordinary Time Earnings: What's In, What's Out - 6th December 2017

The superannuation rules stipulate that an employee's earnings base must be the amount on which minimum superannuation contributions are payable to avoid the superannuation guarantee charge (SGC). This earnings base is determined as "ordinary time earnings" (OTE).

Just to clarify, here are the remuneration elements that are (and are not) included.

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GST and the Buying or Selling of Real Estate Premises - 4th December 2017

Whether a sale of property is subject to GST will be dependent on a number of factors. The sale of real property must be made in the course or furtherance of an enterprise before it is brought into the GST system.

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The Ins and Outs of "Entertainment" Business Deductions - 4th December 2017

As a tax concept, "entertainment" can be relevant not only to fringe benefits tax (FBT), but also to income tax and even goods and services tax (GST). For a business, whether a business expense is "entertainment" will generally also determine whether the cost is deductible. If the expenditure can be shown to be directly connected with the carrying on of a business, it should be deductible.

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