Unbundling phone and internet expense claims for work purposes - 5th November 2015

Individuals can claim deductions for mobile, home phone and internet expenses that have been incurred for work purposes.


However, correct apportionment for work use is a key issue. According to the ATO, as there are many different types of plans available, taxpayers need to determine their work use using a reasonable basis.

For example, phone and internet services are often bundled. When a taxpayer is claiming deductions for work-related use of one or more services, they need to apportion their costs based on their work use for each service. If other household members also use the services, the taxpayer needs to take into account that use in their calculations.

TIP: If the taxpayer has a bundled plan, the ATO says they can identify their work use for each service over a four-week representative period during the income year. This will allow the taxpayer to determine their pattern of work use, which can then be applied to the full year.


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