Legal expense deductions to fight ASIC charges refused - 23rd December 2013

A stockbroker has been unsuccessful before the AAT in arguing that legal expenses he had incurred in the 2011 income year were deductible.

The taxpayer had incurred legal expenses challenging an ASIC banning order in proceedings before the Federal Court and the Full Federal Court. Both courts dismissed his appeals. The banning order, which became operative from 7 May 2010, prohibited the man from providing financial services for five years. The taxpayer had also incurred legal expenses in defending 20 criminal charges for alleged insider trading; he was eventually acquitted on 17 of the charges, with the remaining three withdrawn by ASIC.

The AAT was of view that the legal expenses were not incurred by the taxpayer “in the course” of gaining or producing assessable income. The AAT found that when the taxpayer had incurred the expenses, his position as an authorised representative at the company he worked for had ceased. Accordingly, the AAT held that the expenses incurred in the 2011 income year were not deductible.

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