ATO compliance target areas - 30th September 2013

The ATO has released its compliance program for 2013-2014, setting out key activities and focus areas for the coming year. Some key points include the following:

The ATO says it will pay particular attention to large work-related expense claims made by: (i) building and construction labourers, construction supervisors and project managers; and (ii) sales and marketing managers.

This year, the ATO will use new information sources to check correct reporting of: (i) private health insurance rebate claims; (ii) flood levy exemptions; and (iii) taxable government grants and payments.

The ATO has set up a new taskforce to deal with promoters, individuals and businesses that seek to misuse trusts. The ATO plans to conduct 5,000 data-matching cases and around 700 income tax reviews and audits over the next four years.

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